We build  tools and  datasets to understand and respond to misinformation in India.
We are Tattle - a community of technologists, researchers, journalists and artists working towards a healthier online information ecosystem in India.
Tattle's core infrastructure consists of :

Scrapers for Indian social media


Archive of fact-checks and content circulating on Indian social media.


Flexible and scalable APIs for multi-lingual and multi-modal search

Recent Projects

Online Gender Based Violence Mitigation

In partnership with Centre for Internet and Society, we are building tools to respond to online gender based violence in Indian Languages.

Developing Standardized Metrics for Github

This project tries to understand how data from GitHub platform usage can contribute to research in international development, public policy, and economics.

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Using Web Monetization for Incentivizing Sharing of ‘Good’ Content

This joint project with Monk Prayogshala aims to understand the possibility and effectiveness of web based monetization to promote better content sharing behavior.

Kosh - Searchable Archive of Social Media posts

Kosh is Tattle's foundational software component that enables archiving and searching of multimodal and multilingual content. It facilitates analysis and discovery of trends and patterns.

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AI Ethics Grant
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