Privacy Policy

Tattle aims to make verified information more easily accessible to mobile first users, in languages that they are comfortable with.

Website Tracking

Tattle uses Plausible Analytics to track the number of visitors on the website. Plausible is a lightweight, open source web analytics tool. The tool does not have any cookies and is GDPR compliant.

Tattle Products

  • At present, there is no Tattle service/tool that requires us to collect of personal data such as a phone number to provide a service. We have a beta for an Android app, but at present, it is not being launched for wide release.
  • When requesting access to datasets, individuals are asked to share their email and optionally, institutional affiliations. We need the email to provide access to data. The institutional affiliation is to help us understand how the data is being used.
  • One of Tattle's goals is to create an archive of content circulated on chat apps. In this data collection, Tattle might capture social media posts that have phone numbers or other personal data of individuals. We anonymize all data before working with it. For personal data inside posts, we obfuscate the personal details in any publication. We share this data with academics on the assumption that their own IRB reviews also prescribe similar anonymization procedures.

Reach us:

You can email us with further questions at

Text and illustrations on the website is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License. The code is licensed under GPL. For data, please look at respective licenses.