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Tattle works to:

  • Reduce the lifecycle of misinformation on WhatsApp and other chat apps.
  • Enable open and transparent research on misinformation on social media, especially in private and encrypted networks.

We work towards these goals, prioritizing:

  • Openness so that anyone can use, change and share the tools made at Tattle for their unique context
  • Accessibility because India is a land of diverse experiences and all should be represented in the online information ecosystem.
  • Sustainability because there is a lot of work to do but also a long way to go!
  • Humility because there are many stalwarts to learn from.
  • Curiosity because without a spirit of exploration one can't be effective in a rapidly changing problem space.

You can read more about our approach to these values here.

How is Tattle's work licensed?

  • The code is released under GPL.
  • The fact checking sites data is released under ODbL.
  • Other data that is opened maybe licensed under a creative commons license.

How Does Tattle Sustain Itself?

Tattle is an open source project whose primary goal is to create common resources for research and response to inaccurate and harmful content in India. We raise money for specific projects that fit this mandate. Most of these projects are in collaboration with other partners. We also take up paid contracts for supporting researchers and organizations in analyzing data, managing personal data while centering openness as a value, and customizing the open source tools for their applications. Our goal is to cover 60% of the project operating costs through paid contracts. We aim for a steady revenue stream to support the long term sustainability of the project. The infrastructure costs increase with volume of data and sophistication of computational tools (search, abuse detection and analysis). A steady revenue stream will ensure that we can continually maintain the resources built. Tattle was born in 2019, through a 100K USD grant from the AI Ethics Initiative.

Tattle is registered as a private limited Company in India. The CIN is: U72900HR2019PTC079285. Past financials can be found on our Annual Reports page.

For any additional questions, drop us a line through the contact page or email us at admin@tattle.co.in

Text and illustrations on the website is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License. The code is licensed under GPL. For data, please look at respective licenses.