Deepfakes Analysis Unit

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Tattle is developing the collaboration platform powering the DAU WhatsApp tipline. The platform facilitates the triaging, prioritization, and authentication of manipulated media content for escalation to fact-checkers and forensics experts. Users not only have the ability to submit queries but also receive an assessment report detailing the extent of manipulation for each media item queried.

You can view more information about the project here, check out the open issues here, and learn how to contribute here.

About the DAU

The DAU's (Deepfakes Analysis Unit) mission is to generate awareness on algorithm-based manipulation of media content. Through its tipline and partnerships, it aims to enable users to combat generative AI-based fabrication. This endeavor is a collaborative venture involving journalists, academics, and companies, pooling efforts to confront the escalating threat of deepfakes.

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Misinformation Combat AllianceTattleMeta (Funding Partner)
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