Feluda Empowering the Fight Against Misinformation as a Recognised Digital Public Good

Published on Fri Dec 29 2023Yash Budhwar - Kosh

In the relentless battle against misinformation and disinformation, Feluda, emerges as a potent weapon, particularly adept at navigating the complex landscape of social media platforms saturated with images and short videos, often in regional languages like those found in India. Feluda addresses the challenge of combating information pollution by enabling multimodal analysis, bridging the gaps left by traditional methods that rely on URLs, which are often absent in photos or messages.

Feluda's configurable engine excels in understanding native multimedia content in Indian languages, offering a valuable resource for fact-checking, research, and data science. Its impact is vividly demonstrated in a case study examining information chaos on WhatsApp during India's second COVID-19 wave.

The DPGA works to accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals by facilitating the discovery, development, and use of digital public goods, such as Feluda. Endorsed by the United Nations Secretary-General, the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) recognizes the transformative power of technology in the fight against misinformation.

In a world where information pollution knows no borders, the DPGA and UNDP advocate for open-source solutions. Feluda, with its transparent and collaborative design, aligns seamlessly with the principles of digital public goods. Recognized as a DPG, Feluda gains increased visibility, support, and prominence, contributing to the global effort to create a more equitable world.

By promoting digital public goods, the DPGA aims to empower societies worldwide in their fight against misinformation, fostering transparency, collaboration, and adaptability to meet diverse needs. Feluda's recognition as a DPG exemplifies its potential to significantly impact the global fight against information pollution, guided by the principles of openness and collaboration.

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