About Tattle

Misinformation is a regular feature in conversations on chat apps in India. The effects of misinformation can be far ranging — from changes in people’s health choices to greater social tension in communities and in extreme cases violence against individuals. Tattle aims to support and scale existing fact-checking efforts by creating channels for sourcing content from chat apps in India; using machine learning to categorize and classify multilingual, multimedia content circulated on chat apps; and distributing fact checked information so that it is accessible to mobile-first audience. In the process Tattle aims to enable more transparent research on misinformation in closed networks.

Tattle is a FOSS project. All code is licensed under GPL, and data that is safe to open is opened under an open data license.

Tattle won the AI and News Open Challenge in 2019. Our team is small and cross functional and values every team member’s input in achieving the shared vision of the project. We believe in working smarter when it comes to identifying needs and solutions and value innovation and creativity in day to day work.

About The Role

We are seeking a full stack software engineer with experience building mobile and web apps to work on building a federated archive that allows teams to collectively annotate and share their work. Ideal candidate should value both creative problem solving and writing robust software because our work will oscillate between the two. Prior experience is valued and so is a demonstrated ability to learn and pick up new skills.

Some skills we regard as being important for this role :

  • Javascript for FrontEnd (React) or Backend (NodeJs)
  • Google Firebase or Amazon Cloud Services
  • Comfortable with integrating new APIs
  • Native Android development and/or React Native
  • Strong team player and communications skills
  • Ability to pickup and master new technologies
  • Contribution to open source software in any form

Start Date: Immediately
Duration: 3 months.
Experience: At least three years of experience.
Remuneration: Commensurate with experience
Deadline: Rolling

We Value Diversity and Multiplicity of Experiences

At Tattle, we cherish diversity of experiences and perspectives. It adds value to our work. To this end, we strongly encourage candidates, even if they feel they don't meet all the above listed criteria but find alignment with the project and are driven to learn, to apply.

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