Short Term Role- Data Scientist

Duration of Role: 6 months (full time), extendible on performance and availability of grants.

This position is now closed

About the Project

Violence, abuse, and hate speech on web 2.0 has become pervasive to one’s experience of social media. Women and marginalized genders are amongst the worst affected. Tattle Civic Tech along with the Centre for Internet and Society are building a user-facing web plugin to help social media users in India to moderate instances of online gender based violence (OGBV) Indian languages with a focus on the experience of persons situated at the margins of gender, caste, religion and sexuality. The project aims to move beyond the kill-switch of content take-downs and find ways to empower users to act on violent content they see online.

About the Role:

We're looking for a data scientist to work on the hate speech detection models that will drive the plugin. This role would entail:

  • Developing and refining annotation guidelines for specified feature list.
  • Planning and participating in data annotation workshops.
  • Testing and deploying machine learning models for detection of OGBV in three Indian languages.
  • Documenting work and supporting publications on the work.
  • Supporting open source contributors.

Some skills we regard as being important for this role :

  • Expertise with NLP frameworks in Python
  • Experience building production level machine learning products.
  • Expertise with Git/GitHub
  • Strong communication skills with cross-disciplinary teams
  • Prior research in moderation models is preferred but not necessary.

Start Date: Immediately
Duration: 6 months, full-time, extendible
Experience: At least one year of industry experience.
Remuneration: 5.5L for six month duration.
Deadline: Rolling Closed

We Value Diversity and Multiplicity of Experiences

At Tattle, we cherish diversity of experiences and perspectives. It adds value to our work. To this end, we strongly encourage candidates, even if they feel they don't meet all the above listed criteria but find alignment with the project and are driven to learn, to apply.

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