Understanding the Viral Spiral Github Project page

Published on Thu Jun 22 2023Denny George - viral-spiral

All the work being done on Viral Spiral is being tracked using Github Projects. It can be seen here. This post provides explanation of the various tabs you see on that page.

Master Tab

This is a list of all tasks that have been recorded. All the other tabs are a subset of items in this tab optimized for specific audiences.

By Status

A quick way to check what is on the team's plate at present. What they are working on right now and what's next.

NOTE: The next set of 4 tabs are associated to milestones defined here


Make the game external Playtest Ready Game. Includes all super powers. The purpose is to resume controlled playtests with players to get feedback on usability, gameplay mechanics.


Tackle Scalability Conerns. Make the game ready to be played without any supervision from our team. Lets aim to support scaling upto 50 simultaneous gameplay sessions.


This milestone is not clearly thought out as of now but its to make space for accomodating any radical changes that might come from user feedback after 0.3.0. If the game doesn't find an audience, we might not need to take up anything here.


This is an end date to mark the end of the project If we're able to successfully monetize the project in someway, we would love to spend time adapting the game content to other contexts and languages. We might also like to improve the graphics and sound design for the game. All those wishlist features that will make the team feel like the game is "complete" will go here.


A way to visualize the varios tasks in a timeline.

Identify your niche

Find out what the team is working on in what ways you can help bring your ideas to life by working along with them.

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